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The Amulet


You can wear an Amulet, just like the one found in the books, Magic By Moonlight and Be Careful What You Wish For, written by the popular children's author, D. L. Cocchio.

In the books, the Amulet is a magical red crystal necklace, purchased at a Medieval Fair that supposedly has magical qualities. Sort-of like a 'wish amulet', it is supposed to make your wishes come true. (And it transports the children back in time in the story) This Amulet is a facsimile of the necklace made famous in the first two books of the Amulet Series.

The red crystal Amulet stone is 38mm in size and hangs from a gold tone chain, just like the one in the book. It is a genuine crystal.

It's a great accompaniment to the Amulet Series Books.

You can visit the author's website at : for more information on the books, contests, and events planned.

note: this is for entertainment purposes only. You will only receive the Amulet necklace, the books in the photo are sold separately.

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